3 Benefits of Turnstiles

3 Benefits of Turnstiles

Turnstiles are an efficient way to enhance security. They allow authorized personnel to detect unauthorized entry.

Effective security systems include components that work together to create a fully functioning network. Turnstiles are one system that helps manage who has permission to enter a facility. It helps keep people safe and accountable. Here are three benefits of turnstiles.   

Improved Security

Turnstiles are an efficient way to enhance security. They allow authorized personnel to detect unauthorized entry. They also act as a deterrent to people that may have thought they would be able to enter an area undetected. When doors feature card or biometric readers or electric locks that allow authorized people to enter a facility, it’s often the case that others will “tailgate” behind them to enter the building. Turnstiles eliminate the possibility of this form of entry by limiting the number of people who can enter or exit the facility at one time. Each people who walk through the turnstile must present the appropriate credentials to gain access. Some turnstiles even have enhanced detection features that trigger an alarm when people who don’t have permission try to enter the facility.

Controlled Access

Turnstiles are one component of a larger access control system that often includes cameras, and doors with other security equipment attached. This system will provide useful information about each person that enters the facility, including their identity, time, and location in the building. This information can help the property security team to manage and track visitors, pinpoint alarm locations, and identify potential security threats. As soon as the turnstile detects an entry, it will then transfer that information to the access control team to validate and track.


Turnstiles help streamline the entry process. They are capable of using a variety of credential readers which makes them easier to integrate into existing security systems. These include barcodes, magnetic stripes, biometrics, or proximity cards. Employees, representatives, and other authorized personnel will be able to present their own credentials to gain entry to the facility. They can be programmed to work in one direction or both directions and often don’t require credentials to exit the facility. In some predetermined situations or times of the day, the entire system can be locked down, which will deny entry for all people, even those who have the proper credentials.

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