5 Undeniable Benefits of Turnstile Gates

benefits of turnstile gates for security

Learn how turnstile gates can help increase security and improve access control.

Every business needs a reliable security system to protect their assets, their employees, and guests. It is crucial not to overlook physical security at every entrance and exit, as access control is essential for maintaining business security. However, hiring security personnel to guard every entrance can become expensive and makes your security system prone to human error. For an efficient and economical alternative, try turnstile gates for your entrance security. These security features come with several significant benefits, which we explain below. 

Enhanced Security 

Turnstile gates offer enhanced security compared to manually operated entrances or exits. Turnstile gates only allow entry if you present the right credentials, and only one person can pass through at once. If you install a full-height turnstile, you also prohibit the possibility of “jumping” turnstiles. 

Additionally, turnstile gates are valuable security tools because they can always function and provide security. They also help track the activity of each individual entering and exiting your premises. 

Improved Access Control

You can easily integrate your new turnstile gates into various security systems you may already have intact. These security gates can work with cameras, motion detectors, biometrics, proximity cards, key cards, and more to provide enhanced security and access control. Turnstile gates are excellent when used in high-security areas such as bank vaults, prisons, military bases, airports, data centers, and government facilities. 

Attendance Tracking 

The access control offered by turnstiles can also mean that you have more accurate attendance tracking. As the gates self-verify credentials, you don’t need to rely on manual verification, which is time-consuming and prone to error. This also frees up your receptionist and any security guards to focus on their primary responsibilities. 

The security gates can also monitor analytics such as when and how many people exit and enter a facility, when your traffic peaks, and seasonal changes in foot traffic. Facilities like amusement parks, corporate offices, subway stations, parking lots, and more can use this data to make decisions for security and maintenance issues. 


Turnstile gates offer flexibility because you can control almost every aspect of the gates through a remote access system. For instance, you can change the access modes. During free pass mode, anyone can pass through the turnstile. During controlled access mode, the turnstiles will prevent unauthorized users from entering; or, you can lock the gates and permit no one to enter. This last mode can be useful when the facility is closed. 

Lower Costs

Although you may need to pay higher upfront costs, turnstile gates can save you money. These automatic access control systems mean you can cut back on your security personnel guarding entrances. Additionally, enhanced security will reduce the damages and financial losses your property may experience if not adequately protected. Installing high-security turnstile gates can also lower your insurance premium by proving that you are taking measures to protect your property. 

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