What to Know Before Purchasing a Turnstile


Make sure that you take the time to research turnstiles before making that important purchase!

One of the most effective parts of any perimeter security plan is the simple turnstile. Purchasing a turnstile can dramatically increase the efficacy of any existing security measures you have in place and add a little something extra to your business. Here are the things that you need to know before purchasing a turnstile.

How Many Arms Does the Turnstile Need?

Standards turnstiles are made in three-arm, four-arm, or five-arm varieties depending on your needs. Three-arm turnstiles provide more walking space but less security as a result. Four-arm turnstiles are more secure but not as impenetrable as five-arm turnstiles. The main compromise you’ll encounter when purchasing a turnstile is the trade-off of comfort for higher security levels.

How Many Employees Use the Turnstile at a Time?

How many people are entering and exiting your workplace at any given time of day? The standard ratio is one person every 6 seconds, so 10 people per minute, and 150 people in 15 minutes. That flow rate is perfectly fine if there are not a ton of people entering at a time, but if you have thousands of people entering your building during the first 2 hours of the workday, invest in multiple turnstiles to keep things moving.

What Finishes Can I Choose From?

Purchasing a turnstile gives you a large amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing the right finish. The right finish should be appropriate for where the turnstile is located (inside or outside) and do a good job at resisting any rust or damage. Powder coated mild steel is a very popular choice, but hot dip or galvanized steel are also well-loved for their strong and sturdy natures. The right turnstile should protect your business without too much additional maintenance or strain on your janitorial staff.

Choose Hercules High Security for Your High Security Turnstiles

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