What is Turnstile Security?

Turnstiles are a high security feature that ensures the safety of your perimeter.

Turnstiles are a high security feature that ensures the safety of your perimeter.

Turnstiles are a common high security feature used to effectively secure the perimeter of an area or facility. You may notice turnstile security systems in places that require maximum security such as the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland. At Hercules High Security, we can work with you to customize a turnstile security system that satisfies the unique needs of your high security facility. Let us elaborate on your turnstile security options. 

What is a Turnstile?

A turnstile is a mechanical gate designed with revolving horizontal arms that is connected to a vertical post or fence, allowing only one person to pass through at a time. These gates are usually made of metal and can be implemented with different features to authorize appropriate access such as a required badge swipe or code entry. Turnstile security systems make it possible to effectively monitor every person that is entering or exiting your facility.

Types of Turnstile Security Systems

Turnstile security systems come in varying styles that can be customized to suit your high security needs. We have experience installing turnstiles of any size, shape, and application. Whether your security solution calls for a manual or electric turnstile, we can help you find a solution that works. The following are types of turnstile security systems:

  • MST: This is one of the most commonly used gates, reaching full height at 91.5” and capable of automatically turning itself back into place following entry. If someone tries to forcefully push on the gate, it will become harder to open.


  • MSTT: The MSTT is similar to the MST, however it occupies less space and offers two turnstiles as opposed to one. This allows for one person to enter while another person is exiting, increasing convenience and decreasing wait time. This model is also less noisy.


  • CLST: This turnstile is more visually inviting and can integrate with most almost any access control system. The frame is made of aluminum and offers the same benefits as the MST.


  • CPST: This turnstile is visually appealing and commonly integrated for high-profile facilities or upscale city hotels. The clear side and arms make it possible to see what is on the other side and it is more affordable and secure than a standard revolving door.


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