What to Consider Before Turnstile Installation

hercules high security turnstile installation
Consider these factors before starting your turnstile installation.

Turnstiles are one of those barriers that we don’t stop much to think about, but that we encounter frequently. Why are they used so much? Turnstiles offer a simple way to add a security layer, make a more efficient use of staff, and control access. Read below to learn the five things to consider if you’re planning a turnstile installation.

Determine Your Needs

Depending on the needs and the budget of your business, different types of turnstiles will do a better job of adding the extra security you’re looking for. For single or multidirectional access, a swing gate style will allow both entrances and exits. Drop arm turnstiles work great for places that require a ticket to access. For maximum safety, you can choose a full-height turnstile. Make sure to do your research before a turnstile installation.

How Much Access Control You Need

Some places might need to restrict the access points to only a select group of people. In this case, combining your turnstile with the installation biometric or card readers will allow you to only admit certain individuals. Additional equipment like electric locks and cameras are also a way to reinforce this.

Including Disabled Access

When planning a turnstile installation, you need to also consider how you will provide authorized access to anyone who might have trouble entering through the turnstile. You might implement a separate security gate for pedestrians or use it in combination with the turnstile by using a rail system. These solutions will help you provide access to anyone who needs it while still enforcing security.

Implementing an Audit Trail Software

In high-security environments, you might want to integrate your turnstile with special software to better control access. By using this technology, you will be able to monitor individuals, cards and the use of each turnstile. You can also program it to only allow card swipes every few minutes.

Vehicle Access

In some cases, you will need to allow vehicles to enter your building. You may choose different types of gates like vertical pivot lift or sliding gates, and the system you choose will depend entirely on your needs, so make sure to discuss with the turnstile installation team.

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