How to Extend the Life of Your Wooden Fence

How to Extend the Life of Your Wooden Fence

Get the most out of your wooden fence with these tips!

Many people love the rustic and natural look of wooden fences. They provide security, privacy, shade, and are perfect for separating your property from the neighbors. But with wooden fences, it’s also easy to tell when they’ve been neglected for some time and are overdue for some maintenance. Take these steps to extend the life of your wooden fence and save yourself some time and money.

Regular Inspections

Create the habit of doing seasonal inspections on your fence. It will make you aware of any minor or even major issues that may have occurred during the previous season. Most of the imperfections that you see, you’ll be able to quickly repair on your own. Hammer in any loose nails that you may find and sand down any chips. This type of maintenance also includes clearing away high grass, bushes, and other plants or branches that could put unnecessary weight on your fence. Also, ensure that drainage systems aren’t directed toward your fence to protect it from moisture damage and help the posts stay firmly in the ground.   


Regularly cleaning your fence helps keep the wood healthy. Removing moss, dirt, and mildew are essential for preventing rot. It also helps prevent the wood from graying and preserving its color. Your wooden fence should only require cleaning every three to five years. You may need to scrape off any moss and a power washer should handle the rest.

Resealing or Painting

Protect your wooden fence and extends its life by keeping it shielded from the elements. Moisture is wood’s worst enemy, but of course, your fence will be exposed to plenty rain. Therefore, using paint and releasing to create a barrier between the wood and moisture is your best defense. Oil-based stains and latex paints are best for creating a system that will block out the moisture. There are also paints and sealants made with specific properties that block not only moisture, but also UV damage from the sun.

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