The Impacts Of Winter Weather on Your Wooden Fence

The Impacts Of Winter Weather on Your Wooden Fence

Winter weather can disastrous effects on your wooden fence!

Winter is finally here, and for wood fence owners it is a time to take some precaution. Weather conditions are not exactly ideal for wood fences during the winter months. Snow and high winds can easily cause structural damage to a wooden fence. Here are a few weather threats you will want to be mindful during this winter season.

Build Up Of Moisture

Snowy and icy conditions are definitely not the best for wood fences. A buildup of moisture can lead to the formation of mold, rot, and mildew. The good news is that there are some things you can do to prevent your wood fence from suffering from an overexposure to moisture. The easiest step you could take would be to clean off your fence from snow and ice periodically. You will want to be sure even to remove any leaves and other forms of debris. This will help cut down on the moisture present around your fence. Another route you can take would be to apply an oil-based stain to your fence. This will act a sealant and prevent moisture from building up.


A major downfall to using wood as a fence material is that it is susceptible to warping. This is because a drastic change in temperature will cause wood to expand and contract. If you are thinking of investing in a wood fence, know that a high-quality wood that is treated will be less prone to warping.

Fallen Tree Branches

A fallen tree branch can do significant damage to a wooden fence. The winter season tends to bring several rounds of intense winds, so it is a good idea always to take precaution. It is a good idea to trim tree limbs at the start of the season and to keep an eye on any trees branches that are near your fence.

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