How to Keep Your Iron Fence Rust-Free

How to Keep Your Iron Fence Rust-Free

Discover how you can keep your iron fence free of rust!

Iron fences are strong, reliable, stately, and secure. They can be gorgeous additions to any landscape, but some people may shy away from installing them on their property because of a fear of rust. However, the right combination of maintenance habits can keep your iron fence looking beautiful for many years. Follow this guide for keeping the rust off your iron fence.

Assess the Condition

Don’t be afraid to install an iron fence around your property. You’ll benefit from its many advantages, which include durability, beauty, and security. Now that you’ve got it installed, the first step in keeping the rust away should be to assess its current condition. On new fences, this won’t be a problem, but for existing iron fences, you should check to see how much rust and dirt already exists on the surface. In climates that are known for having high humidity, salt in the air, or frequent rain or snow you’ll likely encounter some rust spots from these environmental factors.

Remove Heavy Rust

To remove heavy rust from your iron fence, you’ll need to use some tools and equipment specially designed for cleaning rust. Use a paint scraper or a coarse-grade sandpaper disk to wipe the surface. You’ll likely have to use some elbow grease for this job and wear a face mask and goggles to keep your skin and eyes protected.

Medium and Light Rust

Medium and light rust is recognizable because it hasn’t started to flake off the surface of the fence. Use sandpaper with a grit of 120 to 160 to sand off as much of the rust as possible. You can also use a stiff metal brush before applying a rust cleaner into the surface of the fence. Use circular motions for the best results.

Regular Cleaning

Periodically examine the surface of your iron fence and, using a garden hose, rinse off any loose dirt, debris, and rust. For all leftover rust, use the sandpaper or metal brush method. Afterward, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface clean and make sure that it is dry. Fine steel wool is great for buffing and restoring the natural look of the iron.

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