How to Maintain an Ornamental Iron Fence

how to maintain an ornamental iron fence

Follow these steps to maintain your ornamental iron fence.

One of the most attractive security fence designs you can select is an ornamental iron fence. This style of fence is durable, secure, and can fit with almost any property. When properly cared for, an iron fence can last for many years. Fortunately, the past problem of occasional rust has even been solved through the application of an anti-rush finish. Now, you can easily maintain your ornamental iron fence by following these maintenance tips. 

Be Proactive

One of the most important aspects of keeping your ornamental iron fence well cared for is to regularly inspect the fence for dents and scratches that lead to rust. You can do this in several ways. First, avoid using a weed whacker or trimmer close to the fencing, and keep vegetation away from the fence to begin with so you don’t need to trim it in the first place. Too much vegetation can also hide problems on your fence, so you want to keep it clear so you can notice any issues immediately. You should also prevent sprinklers from spraying your fence, which can lead to rust. It’s crucial to be proactive about preventing rust because once it forms, it becomes difficult to control. 

Don’t Procrastinate

If you do notice a problem on your ornamental iron fence, it is important to address it as soon as possible to prevent further severe damage from happening. You can follow these tips to help keep any problems from starting in the first place: 

  • Inspect your fence at least every six months
  • Repair deep cuts and grooves on new fencing and coated iron
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint every few years 

What to Do If You Find Rust on Your Ornamental Iron Fence

If you do find rust on your iron fence, wash it off with soap and water and let it dry. Then, you can apply a rust converter followed by a spray-on primer to fill in the previously rusted areas. Finally, apply a layer of metal-grade wax to protect the paint. The key to addressing rust on your fence is to get to the rust promptly, so its expansion is halted. You may need to use a fine wire brush to remove the rust, but you should avoid using a highly abrasive brush, which will produce adverse results that make sealing the area very difficult. 

Gate Maintenance

You should also remember to inspect and care for any gate that is a part of your ornamental iron fence. Inspect the gate hinges every six months and replace them annually. Make sure you regularly lubricate the hinges, so they do not dry out and become a nuisance. 

An ornamental iron fence can be an excellent investment for both security and appearance. However, to protect this investment, you must put in some time and energy to keep it properly maintained. 

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