How to Tell if You Need To Repair Your Fence

How to Tell if You Need To Repair Your Fence

When was the last time you inspected your fence for damage?

Fences are generally low maintenance, but they do require occasional upkeep. It’s important that you’re able to spot exactly what your fence needs so that you aren’t wasting your time and money on the wrong resources. Here are a few ways you can tell if you need to repair your fence.

Spotting an Insect Problem

Insect infestations can be especially problematic for wooden fences. You can spot insect damage by checking for a few signs, including holes. Some insect types will burrow holes through your fence. Others will leave signs of gnawing. Look for spots that look like they’ve been eaten away. If the damage is isolated to a single panel or a few, it’s easy to replace those panels. However, if you find the damage to be extensive, it could have compromised the structural integrity of your fence and you made need a total replacement.

Look for Rotting

It takes time, but rotting is an issue that will definitely limit the life of any wooden fence. It makes fences look dilapidated and will even cause an odor from the moisture. To identify rotting wood, look for mushroom-like growths and long, deep cracks across the grain. Rotting wood will also cave in or flake away from even the slightest pressure from a thin blade or even just your hand.  

Splitting and Splintering

You won’t need any special technique to stop splitting and splintering. Simply examine the wood for cracks and chips. Especially deep or wide splits will need immediate repair because they cause the entire fence to sag or lean. Again, apply slight pressure with your hand to check that the structural integrity of the fence is sound and safe.


A sagging fence could come as a result of any of the above issues. In addition, weather exposure can also be a possible cause for sagging. If it seems that the issue is isolated to one or a few boards, those can be replaced before they begin to affect your entire fence. Look for an uneven height or leaning to diagnose a sagging problem.

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