3 Effective Security Barriers to Consider for Your Business

3 Effective Security Barriers to Consider for Your Business

Bollards serve as visual barriers that can help protect your property.

Providing effective security for business properties is one of the top concerns for owners and managers. Not only do they need to protect their employees and other investments, but it’s important to maintain the integrity of the building itself. Here are three effective security barriers to consider for your business.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is an effective fencing option to create a barrier for security purposes. When installed around the perimeter of your business, it will greatly minimize a potential intruder’s ability to gain entry. They are made from galvanized steel with rods that have space between them. To start, the strength of the steel makes the fence difficult to manipulate or destroy. Second, the rods are nearly impossible to climb, and the spaces between them are too tight for people to squeeze through. Palisade fencing also features spikes at the top that would cause injury to anyone who attempted to climb over. When security fencing is paired with an electronic alarm, the two elements paired together to create an effective system.  

Traffic Spikes and Wedge Barriers

Traffic spikes are that strip of sharp teeth that stick up out of the ground. They are situated to discourage motorists from driving in the opposite direction in a parking lot or driveway area. If a vehicle were to drive in the opposite direction of the spikes, they would flatten the tires. For particularly determined intruders that may even have run flat tires, wedge barriers lift to a 45-degree angle with enough strength to stop a large truck. These security barriers help protect businesses from unwanted entry in a vehicle.


We’ve all seen those large, sturdy, and round posts that surround commercial buildings, but how many people really know what purpose they serve? Bollards provide businesses with enhanced security by protecting against vehicle crashes and attacks. They act as barricades in the event of accidental or purposeful vehicle crashes. They also enhance safety for people who walk around the building as they help separate walkers from vehicle traffic. Bollards are rated at various levels with the ability to withstand forces from vehicles of different weights at different speeds.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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