How to Stay Safe with Your Electric Fence

How to Stay Safe with Your Electric Fence

Electric fences are usually used to keep animals and other intruders away from your property.

Electric fences are very useful in many applications, but it’s also important that they are installed and used properly to keep everyone safe. Be sure to do thorough research and take the time to make sure that you have all the necessary information about owning, operating, and maintaining an electric fence. Follow this guide for staying safe with your electric fence.  

Earth Grounding

At the point of installation, professionals should install several ground rods when putting in electric fences. There should be at least three that are between six and eight feet long. The rods should also be galvanized and attached with ground clamps. When the grounding is correct, the electricity should complete a full circle back to the charger.

Type of Metal

The electric fence should use only one type of metal. Mixing metals can cause electrolysis, which causes the metal to corrode. As a result, the fence will experience weak shocking power.

Animal Training

Electric fences are usually used to keep animals and other intruders away from your property. When it comes to animals, they must be trained to know that a shock from the fence will hurt. To do this, you have to attract the animals to the fence with enhanced visibility and other bait. Electric fences for training are built on heavy, wet soil.

Appropriate Post Spacing

When electric fence posts are installed too close, you run the risk of breaking all the insulators and knocking the posts out of the ground when something runs into it. With appropriate spacing, the wire is allowed to bend and pop back into place. Allow for about 80 to 100 feet of space between the posts.

Old and New Fences

Be careful not to build new fences too close to old ones. The old wiring can cause the new electrified wires to be short, making the fence ineffective.  

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