Types of High Security Turnstiles

high security turnstile

There are several types of these turnstiles available, so here’s our helpful guide to the types of high security turnstiles.

When it comes to properly securing and protecting your property, it’s essential to think about access control in addition to fences and anti-climbing measures. Security goes beyond perimeter protection: it’s also important to be able to control and remain aware of anyone who enters the property. For some types of facilities, access control can mean gates, identification cards, or even high security turnstiles. Turnstiles make an excellent security and access control solution because they can take the pressure off of security staff and integrate seamlessly with other access control measures, such as ID scanning. There are several types of these turnstiles available, so here’s our helpful guide to the types of high security turnstiles.

Tripod Turnstiles

These waist-high turnstiles will be familiar to many. They are used in a variety of properties, including stadiums, amusement parks, transit stations, and museum entryways. While they will help with crowd control and reduce tailgating at your entryway, when left unsupervised, tripod turnstiles can be jumped over or skipped fairly easily. These work best when paired with security staff.

Full Height Turnstiles

Full height turnstiles work similarly to tripod turnstiles, but they cannot be crawled under or jumped over. For this reason, full height turnstiles provide a higher security solution for access control. These are available in several styles, including tandem turnstiles that save space, and more aesthetically appealing models that use transparent panels rather than utilitarian metal towers.

Optical Turnstiles

These turnstiles are much more sleek than the traditional tripod model and provide a modern look to banks and office lobbies anywhere. These turnstiles use sensors to detect entry and are great for discreet access control in busy lobbies. Since the panels are generally transparent, they can also appear to take up less space, allowing your building to feel larger and open the line of sight for security staff.

Turnstile Gates

Turnstile gates are a great addition to any turnstile arrangement. They are available in a variety of styles and allow for a wide, accessible entry point for wheelchair users, deliveries, or the transport of handcarts or other equipment. This can allow you to make your main entryway more accessible while maintaining high security standards at any point of access.

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