Vehicle Detection and Your Security

Protect the vehicles coming in and out of your facility with metal detection loops.

Protect the vehicles coming in and out of your facility with metal detection loops.

When it comes to protecting your facility from intruders, you want the best possible protection you can get. You also want to make sure that your security measures don’t get in the way of your employees and their productivity. That’s where vehicle detection technology comes into play. If you have an automatic gate system in place then it may be prudent to also have vehicle detection technology in place so that your employees can ride in safely.

Induction Loops

There are several versions of vehicle detection software to choose from. One of the most common forms of vehicle detection is the loop. These are often used for automatic gate systems, traffic lights, another places vehicles may need to be detected. They detect the vehicle by using a coil of wire. When a car drives over the coil and puts pressure on the wire a small amount of electricity is sent through it. A sensor monitors the rate of inductance and it reacts when there is a spike. These loops are installed by cutting into the asphalt, placing the wire, and then replacing the asphalt. These are also known as metal detection loops, and metal detectors. It’s a simple and effective method, which is probably why it’s so popular.

Why does your facility need them?

Well, imagine if a car is passing through an automatic gate system. Now, they’ve been taking their time so the barrier is beginning to come down. Without a loop to tell the barrier to remain in the upright position, it would come down onto the car. This could damage the vehicle or the equipment. You can avoid this sort of damage by simply installing a little metal detector. It will keep your vehicles safer.

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