What You Should Know About Bollards

What You Should Know About Bollards

Bollards made of metal and adorned with reflective material to catch the headlights of cars.

You’ve probably seen bollards, but do you know just how important they are to public safety? They make a big difference in how you go about your daily routine, especially if you work in a big commercial building that uses them to separate traffic from pedestrians. In some cases, even more so than a fence, bollards offer safety and security like no other system. Here’s everything there is to know about bollards.

What Are Bollards?

Bollards are posts that have been strategically placed in designated areas to separate two areas from each other. They are usually made of metal and adorned with reflective material to catch the headlights of cars. They help designate areas that have been marked for pedestrians versus vehicle traffic, keeping people safer. They are even strong enough to withstand vehicle collisions, keeping people and building structures safer. They usually find homes outside of airports, malls, schools, and banks. Bollards can be fixed in their locations or removable and collapsible to allow some traffic through, when necessary.

Types of Bollards

There are various types of bollards that each serve its own specific purpose:

Permanent: These bollards are the best choice for long-term security. They are affixed directly into the ground below, usually concrete. Permanent bollards are also usually the strongest type for preventing crashes into secure sites.

Collapsible: Characterized by its flexibility. These bollards allow access to certain areas on the property when authorized personnel or vehicles need access. They simply fold down and go back into position.

Removable: Just as the name suggests, removable bollards can be moved out of position when access is needed. They are usually locked onto the ground when in use and simply unlocked when ready to be moved.

Why Are Bollard Important?

Bollards provide security, safety, control, and even aesthetic value. They add to the overall architectural look of a site, giving the appearance of professionalism and preparedness. That preparedness helps greatly decrease the potential for dangerous situations to occur. Bollards set site perimeters, designate walking paths and bike lanes, and generally keep the public safer.

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