Which Type of Security Barrier is Right for Your Organization?

If you need to add an additional layer of security to your business, you may be wondering what type of security barrier is right for you. Bollards and high security fences are great ways to improve any security system. But, you need to understand the ins and outs of each type of security barrier to efficiently protect your business.


Bollards are one form of security barrier.

Which Type of Security Barrier is Right for Your Organization?

Creating A Security Perimeter

Before ordering a bunch of bollards and fences, you should have a general scope of the area you want to protect. You should also know who or what you need to protect. With a proper security barrier, you will be able to protect employees, victors and your actual building. Remember, unauthorized vehicles approaching restricted areas that aren’t protected by bollards or high security fences can create a dangerous situation in the blink of an eye.

Integrating Bollards into a Security Barrier

When you integrate any type of security barrier into your security plans, especially bollards, you need to make sure that it doesn’t affect the daily operations of your business. Bollards are often needed at corners, driveways and stairs to increase security, but it can be tricky to effectively place bollards in these areas without messing with the flow of your daily business. These areas still need security, however, so make sure to carefully plan how you can increase your security in an efficient manner.

Security Barrier Types

There are two main security barrier categories: Passive and active. Passive barriers don’t allow vehicle entry and provide perimeter protection away from vehicle access points. Passive barriers include high security fences and engineered planters. Active barriers are generally used at vehicular access control points and include retractable bollards and crash gates.

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