Why Your Building Should Have Turnstiles

Why Your Building Should Have Turnstiles

One crucial aspect of all security systems is controlling who enters the building and when.

Having adequate security for your building is all about creating an appropriate network of systems that work together. One crucial aspect of all security systems is controlling who enters the building and when. Here are the reasons why your building should have turnstiles, to help improve security and put more control in your hands.

Controlled Access

Unlike card readers, security codes, and other security elements that are added to doors, only one person can walk through a turnstile at a time. This system is designed to eliminate the opportunity for other people to walk in behind an authorized person. For someone to get through a turnstile, they must present an appropriate credential to get through the single passage entry. It also allows security professionals to keep track of the number of people in the building, the times they entered, and other essential details.

Flexible Operation

Your building managers and security team will be able to customize the operation of the turnstiles based on your unique security network. They work with various types of credential readers, including barcode, magnetic stripes, biometric, and even proximity readers. This frees security personnel to take on other responsibilities rather than always having to be present when people enter the building. Also, the turnstiles can be programmed to work in both directions and can be set to allow free passage or completely locked.

Types of Turnstiles

Depending on the specifics of your building, you can choose a turnstile that will work best for your security needs. The three primary categories are optical and barrier optical, full height, and waist high. You can choose between interior or exterior use as well as other aesthetic options. Turnstiles also come with opportunities to minimize loitering, provide anti-passback detection., and even allow authorized people to use mobile devices for entry.         

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