5 Tips for Fence and Gate Repair


Unfortunately, even your security fence and security gate can become damaged over time.

Unfortunately, even security fences and security gates become damaged over time, whether it’s from a security incident or a weather event. If you are dealing with damage to your security fence, you should always contact the professionals at Hercules High Security for advice, but these five tips will help you in the meantime.

Tighten Wire

If your security fence is a wire fence with a sagging or broken portion, grab a hammer and extra wire. The extra wire will let you loop the ends of the broken section and make a hammer roll to pull the entire section taught. Make a loop with the broken wire and pull the new wire through. Put your hammer against the wire and the loose end of the wire in the hammer claw. Roll the wire around the hammer until it is tight and twist the remaining ends for a quick repair.

Use Chicken Wire

Did your wooden fence suffer damage or an impact? Chicken wire is a great way to temporarily protect your property while also protecting your wood fence for further damage. Chicken wire is inexpensive and easy to find, so cut it with tin snips and cover any affected pieces of wood. You can use chicken wire to protect everything from poles to boards without any issue.

A Sagging Gate

Sagging gates are very common in old security fences and after lots of rain. If your gate is dragging along the ground, you can temporarily fix the problem by placing a wheel underneath the gate. The wheel will take the majority of the weight of the gate and allow you to open and close the gate with ease. You can use any old wheel to get the job done in a pinch.

A Broken Gate Latch

Metal gates are very common in security fences, and some of them are designed with latches that work in conjunction with a handle that is pulled or pushed. If your latch is no longer working properly and you don’t have time to reset the posts or gates, nail two small poles on either side of the latch hole. The metal latch will catch between the two poles for a temporary fix.

An Electric Security Fence

If your security fence is electric, you typically have insulated handles in secure locations so that security personnel can navigate around it with ease. However, it might be easier to put a tall pole on each side of the most-used gate to route the electricity around it instead.

Choose Hercules High Security for Your High Security Fencing

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