Debunking 6 Myths About Vinyl Chain Link Fencing

myths about vinyl chain link fencing

Let us debunk 6 myths about vinyl chain link fencing.

Installing vinyl chain link fencing to protect your business or commercial property can be a wise decision. Chain link fencing can not only protect from intrusion but can protect facility equipment while being very cost-effective and easy to maintain. However, there are several myths about chain link fencing that can sometimes discourage people from exploring this convenient security fence option. Below, we will debunk six of those myths that may have been keeping you from installing your new chain link fence. 

Vinyl Chain Link Fencing Doesn’t Last Long

Unlike some other metal fencing, vinyl chain links will not rust. Vinyl chain link fencing consists of PVC, which resists impact from hail or other storm damages. Vinyl can also help your fence withstand harsh winters and brutal summer temperatures without cracking or breaking due to fluctuating temperatures because it does not expand or contract. This means that your chain link fence is capable of withstanding years of wear from the elements. 

Chain Link Fencing is Costly to Repair

One of the most incorrect myths about chain link fencing is that it is difficult and expensive to repair. In fact, vinyl chain link fencing is very durable and will probably require few lifetime repairs. If you do need a repair, it is relatively affordable and easy to fix, even if the damage covers a large area of the fence. 

Chain Link Fencing Makes a Lot of Noise 

Under normal conditions, you will likely hear little to no noise coming from your fence. The only time a chain-link fence would be especially noisy is if there are extremely windy weather conditions. However, the right installation techniques will help ensure that your fence is as quiet as possible. 

The Appearance is Hard to Maintain

Vinyl chain link fencing does not rust, and will not need to be repainted. Because of this, the only maintenance your fence will require is an occasional power-wash to eliminate dirt and grime. 

Vinyl Chain Link is Too Costly

Vinyl-coated chain link fencing may cost you a bit more initially, but because it is so durable and requires little maintenance, you will save repair costs in the long run. 

There Aren’t Many Color Choices

While it is true that most people select black, brown, green, or white vinyl chain link fencing, there are hundreds of different color choices available. If you desire a unique color for your fence, you can most likely have that colored fence installed on your property. 

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