6 Types of Anti-Terrorism Cables and Their Unique Benefits

hercules high security anti-terrorism cables milcon cable

There are several types of secure anti-terrorism cables available, including the Milcon Cable Fence.

When you seek to protect your facility from all security threats, reliable and robust anti-terrorism cables are an excellent option. There are a variety of these security cables available through Hercules High Security, each with unique security benefits that can benefit your facility in various ways. If you believe anti-terrorism cables will benefit your security plan, read on to determine which cables are best for you. 

Stalwart Anti-Terrorism Cables

These anti-terrorism cables mitigate potential vehicle intrusions. This security fence is similar to a standard bar fence but much more resilient. This, in turn, blocks any oncoming vehicles from gaining entry past the fence and harming your property or pedestrians.

Milcon Cable Fence

Milcon cable is essentially a “light Stalwart” material. It is less than 50% as effective as the stalwart cable but is much lighter and easier to install. These kinds of anti-terrorism cables are more suitable for less at-risk facilities who are looking for general security and protection. 

Anti-Ram Cables

Anti-ram anti-terrorism cables are unique because they provide a web of protection that has enough flexibility to avoid breakage. This means that if a car attempts to ram this barrier, it’s momentum will be absorbed by the cable and pushed back onto it. This not only protects your property from vehicle intrusion but also mitigates damages to your anti-ram cable. 

Anti-Terrorism Cables

Anti-terrorism cables bend when hit with force, but they do not give entirely. When these cables are utilized in large security fencing projects, they can prevent unauthorized visitors and unauthorized vehicles from entering. 

Vehicular Restraints

This comprehensive system of anti-terrorism cables employs several parts that work together. This structure involves gate systems, a high-security fence, and anti-terrorism cables to provide total security and complete control over an area. At the same time, the area remains visible so you can maintain surveillance of the vulnerable area of your facility. 

By utilizing any of these anti-terrorism cables, you can guarantee your facility’s reliable protection from errant vehicles and unwanted intruders. 

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