The Benefits of a Fall and Winter Security Fence Installation

security fence installation

There are a few benefits to planning a fall or winter security fence installation.

When you imagine a fence installation, you may imagine contractors coming out during warm and sunny months during the spring and summer. However, you may not realize that fence installations can be increasingly expensive during those seasons and add weeks to your installation timeline. A fence installation should happen efficiently, especially when you depend on your new fence for property security. To save on time and expenses, you may consider a fall or winter security fence installation. The following benefits can be enjoyed from an off-season fence installation. 

The Cost

If you are trying to schedule a security fence installation during the spring or summer, you are competing for time with other business owners looking to do the same thing. During the fall or winter, you may be able to secure a fence installation at a lower price with much more scheduling flexibility. 


Whether you are interested in chain link fencing or steel palisade fencing, scarcity of materials can drive up the cost. Fewer fences are being installed during the fall and winter seasons, so there is a smaller demand for materials. Less need for materials means they may be priced lower. Security fencing materials and accessories can come at a lower price when purchased during this strategic time frame. 

A Faster Installation 

With fewer installations scheduled, your fall or winter security fence installation doesn’t have to overlap or compete with competing installations. Booking your installation during the “off” months means that you won’t have to wait for your project to get started and can likely pick your start date and coordinate it with your existing plans. By working around the peak construction season, you can enjoy extra freedom and manpower for your fence installation. 

Less Landscape Damage

When you schedule a fence installation in the fall and winter, you risk damaging your landscape’s shrubs and grass. If there is any wear on your landscape, you have a few months to allow for new growth. By the time spring arrives, you will have a well-maintained landscape and fence you can be proud of. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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