Choosing the Right High-Security Fence for Your School

Hercules High Security Choosing the Right High-Security Fence for Your School
Children should be protected without feeling imprisoned. The right high-security fence will keep your school secure without feeling like a prison.

Choosing the right high-security fence for your school can be a difficult decision. You’re running a school, not a prison, but it’s imperative to keep the lives of students and faculty safe from outside threats and deter crime from school grounds. Luckily, high-security fencing comes in many different styles, and there are options that will protect your school without making it intimidating or suffocating to students and faculty.


One of the biggest concerns when it comes to adding high-security fencing to school grounds is how it affects the students. If the fence is scary and intimidating, it will make the students feel like prisoners and have a negative overall effect on their mental state. Choosing a high-security fence that doesn’t damage the environment of the school grounds is imperative. High-security fencing comes in many different styles, and ornamental fencing can offer strong security without making students feel trapped.

Ease of Use

Securing access points such as gates and parking lots amplifies your school’s security, but it’s important that the high-security fence for your school is easy to use for those on the inside of the fence. This includes students and faculty members. Students need to know they’re not trapped, and ease of use is also important in case of an internal threat. 


Not only will solid fencing enhance the feeling of imprisonment, but it’s also a poor choice for high-security fencing. Solid brick and wood fences hide what’s happening on the other side, limiting visibility. Being able to see on both sides of the fence is an important security feature that allows faculty or hired security personnel to see what’s happening both inside and outside of the fence line. High-visibility fences are harder to vandalize and they keep potential criminals within sight, which is a strong deterrent.

Fencing Options

One of the best high-security fencing options for schools is ornamental fencing. Ornamental fencing is made of metal, aesthetically pleasing, offers high visibility, and is difficult to climb. It can be paired with masonry columns to elevate the look, and security gates or access points to amplify your school’s security. Ornamental fencing also has options that are crash-rated, protecting your school grounds from speeding vehicles. This style of fence works well because of its superior security features, but also because it won’t make students and faculty feel intimidated or trapped. Its open nature and aesthetic design will secure your school grounds without making them feel like a prison yard.

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