Common Non-Climb Fencing Problems That Indicate Your Fence Needs a Repair

non-climb fencing

In order to keep your non-climb fencing secure, you’re going to have to perform routine maintenance so that criminals aren’t able to gain entry.

At Hercules High Security, you rely on our non-climbing fence installations to ensure the ultimate protection of your facility or business. To keep your non-climb fencing secure, you’re going to have to perform routine maintenance on it so that criminals and opportunists aren’t able to find a weak entry point and gain admittance onto your property. There are a few common problems that you can look out for that indicate your high-security, non-climb fencing requires repair before an opportunist strikes. Here’s what to keep your eyes open for.

Missing Fence Portions of Your Non-Climb Fencing

It’s critical to notice any missing fence portions that you may see within your non-climb fencing. As a high-security facility, missing fence portions may indicate that an opportunist has been on the prowl and attempting to damage your fence to gain entry to your property. Or perhaps, inclement weather may be to blame for the missing portions of your fence. Nonetheless, it’s best to take this high-security problem seriously and contact Hercules High Security for an immediate repair of your non-climb fence.

Your Non-Climb Fencing is Leaning

If you’ve had non-climb fencing installed for the last few years, a leaning fence is an indicator that it might be time to repair or replace your non-climb fencing altogether. At Hercules Fence DC, we can perform an on-site evaluation of the current condition of your fence. Then, we can provide you with an estimate for repair or even replacement when necessary. Ultimately, a leaning non-climb fence is a security risk that needs to be addressed promptly.

Your Fence is Damaged

A damaged non-climb fence is a security risk to your facility. Damage may look like a fence that is shaky when touched, rusting, or even destroyed in various areas surrounding your facility. A damaged fence can compromise your security measures and ultimately lead to opportunities for criminals and individuals without permitted entry to gain access to your property. Contact Hercules Fence DC for all of your non-climb fencing repairs and installations!

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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