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CFATS, or The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program, identifies and sets standards in place to regulate the chemical facility, and other such facilities where high risk chemicals are manufactured or used. CFATS ensures that appropriate safety measures are put in place to reduce the risks associated the chemicals being used. If you are mystified by the implications of these requirements and want to ensure you are complicit with them, read on to learn more about them and discover whether or not you require a CFATS fence.

What Makes A Chemical Facility CFATS Compliant?  

To improve the security and anti-terrorism effects of CFATS, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has set certain standards, processes, measures, and federal regulations in place to manage facilities that are involved with high-risk chemicals safely. The final interim rule to increase safety and security in every chemical facility in the United States includes vulnerability assessments, combined with site security measures and appropriate planning to answer for risk-based performance standards.  

When A CFATS Fence Becomes A Necessity

Many chemical facilities require CFATS fences for safety and security. Making sure that only people with the right training and clearance can access certain areas can be just as important as keeping intruders out. These are only a few of the instances where a CFATS fence becomes necessary for a chemical facility.

How Does One Report CFATS Violations

It is important to maintain to these standards strictly, for if you do not you are putting your employees in jeopardy, and the law protects them should they report any sort of violations. The Department of Homeland Security has both a tip line and email address where employees can report safety and security failures, so that they can be investigated quickly and efficiently. There is a provision that both contractors and employees cannot be retaliated against by any facility they report for failing to meet these standards.

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