Facilities That Use Crash-Rated Fencing

Hercules Fence High Security Crash-Rated Fencing
Some industries require crash-rated fencing to keep potential problems away from their facilities.

When you consider who might use crash-rated fencing, some might be more obvious than others. The White House, for instance, is a critical government building that is protected by a crash-rated fence. However, there are many other facilities, compounds, and buildings that are usually kept secure by the unparalleled protection of crash-rated fencing.


Prisons and other correctional facilities have their main focus on keeping inmates inside and maintaining order within the walls of the compound, but they also take steps to protect the facility from outside threats. A prison compound needs to be highly secure and well-protected, so crash-rated fencing is a must for looking intimidating and being nearly impervious to significant damage that could leave the facility’s perimeter vulnerable.

Government Facilities

You won’t find crash-rated fences around all government facilities, but you will find them surrounding sensitive areas that need to be well-protected from outside threats. Military bases and secure buildings will have crash-rated fences surrounding them, as well as critical facilities such as The White House, Naval Observatory, and FBI buildings. 


When you deal with as many people as airports do every single day, it just makes sense to have crash-rated fencing to keep areas safe and secure. There is often a lot of traffic, especially at large hubs, which can lead to any number of serious problems. Crash-rated fencing keeps these problems contained and protects important areas from being penetrated and left vulnerable.

Power & Chemical Plants

When you’re dealing with dangerous resources and materials it’s a good idea to have a crash-rated fence that protects the facility and the dangerous substances it houses, as well as the general public from being exposed to those substances. Considering the sensitive material in these facilities, as well as the importance of their operation in our everyday lives, it just makes sense to have crash-rated fencing that will stop a serious problem from interrupting its operational capacity.

Banking Centers

Where there is money, there is also often trouble. Banking centers need crash-rated fencing to keep their facilities secure from anyone hoping to get to what’s inside. These begin as a deterrent, but if that doesn’t work they’ll effectively stop attempts from ramming through to get inside the facility.

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