High Security Fences in the News: Berkley, California

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But not all high security fences give the same impression of safety and privacy.

High security fences come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Residential use of a high security fence generally indicates an increased need for privacy and protection – you might see a high security fence around a senator or a celebrity’s private home, or around the storage of important museum collections. But not all high security fences give the same impression of safety and privacy, as Chancellor Nicholas Dirk of the University of California at Berkeley is finding out.

High Security Fence Sending the Wrong Message

The University of California at Berkeley has recently put up a high security fence around the on-campus home of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks. University administrators have said the fence is a necessary inconvenience to secure Dirks’ campus home. Dirks has recently been repeated targets of protestors upset with tuition hikes. In 2009, campus police said a large group of protestors threw flower pots and even a lit torch at the chancellor’s house. Ever since, police have guarded the mansion around the clock.

However, the project is under protest by students and faculty members alike. The new fence closes a public pathway that many people rely on to get to class. Additionally, many students are saying that the fence sends the wrong message. A fence between the students and the chancellor implies separation, and a lack of communication between the two groups. Berkeley alum and protest organizer Bianca Huntley-Ortega said the fence is a “symbol that [Chancellor Nicholas Dirks]’s not fighting for the interest of the students.”

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