How to Make a Chain Link Fence More Secure

How to Make a Chain Link Fence More Secure

Adding a chain link fence to your property is a great way to help increase your security.

Adding a chain link fence to your property is a great way to help increase your security. While not as impenetrable as some other fence types, chain link is excellent for dissuading intruders and for keeping pets and children safe within your yard. Plus, with a few additions and choices, you can have a more secure chain link fence for your perimeter.

Increase Gauge and Height

One of the first steps you can take to improve the security of your new fence is to start by making your fence harder to climb and cut. For residential areas, a fence of at least 5’ in height is optimal while commercial sectors can reach up to six or eight feet. The higher the fence, the harder it is to climb. When you increase the gauge, it ensures that the metal is thicker making it less likely to deform and harder to cut through.

Welded over Woven

Traditionally a chain link fence will be woven together in a basket-like pattern to form each of the sections. While this weaving method is easy to work with and install, it leaves room for improvement. Having the joints welded together can make installation trickier, but it also makes it significantly more secure.

Add Plastic Slats

While not everyone will enjoy the look of adding plastic slats, they do add significant privacy to your fence. Not only will these make your fence harder to climb due to lack of footholds, but they will discourage prying eyes. Other options include bamboo and mesh screens.

Consider the Material

While this type of fence is more limited in material than some others, you can still choose between a few options. Most fences are made with aluminum because it is durable and inexpensive. If you are looking for something more secure, steel is the most effective as it can not be cut as easily.

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