How to Make the Most of Your Security Fencing

optimize your high security fencing

Removing trees and shrubs from around your fence can help you optimize your security fencing.

If you have installed security fencing on your property, you likely did so to keep intruders out and limit losses and damages. However, to make the most of your new fencing, you have to start thinking like an intruder to determine how they will see your fence, and how they may be able to spot potential weak spots you had not considered. Even if you have a sturdy, well-maintained, and installed fence, you can still make your security fencing as effective as possible. Read on to how you can make the most of your security fencing. 

Remove Shrubbery

Because intruders don’t want to be seen entering or leaving your property, a property with shrubbery in which to hide becomes more appealing. If your grounds contain many trees and shrubs, consider cutting them down to provide a clear view from your building through the fence and beyond. 

Cut Low Branches

If you have trees overhanging your security fence, low branches may help a resourceful intruder climb into your property. Additionally, branches could fall from higher trees with enough force to smash or damage part of your fence. Cutting back low-hanging branches and keeping branches away from fences will help prevent this from happening. 

Install Lighting

If there is no lighting along your perimeter, consider installing lighting. This discourages intruders by making their presence much more visible, even at night. You should also make sure that the lighting cannot be reached from the outside of the fence, as intruders may be able to disable the lighting or, depending on the structure, use it to enter your property. 

Check for Rust

Regularly check your security fencing for rust or any other defects that could weaken it. If you don’t look at your fence for months at a time, it could develop rust at the bottom, or boards could rot, and your fence will lose valuable structural integrity

Check Your Gate

Make sure any security fencing gate you have is well-maintained. If it isn’t, this could be the weakest point of your fence. Make sure the gate has strong hinges that cannot be accessed from the outside, and make sure any locks are strong and secure. If you can install access control technology, this may be able to improve your security. 

By incorporating these improvements, you can make sure that your security fencing is doing everything it can to protect your property. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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