How to Perform a Security Fence Inspection

security fence inspection

Checking your fence for weak points can strengthen your security.

Security fences are only functional if they are serving their purpose—providing your property with the right level of protection for your needs. Conducting regular security fence inspections can ensure that your fence is in great condition and properly protecting your property throughout the year. Here are some basic tips to perform a security fence inspection at your property.

Look at the Posts

Are there any places that the posts are separating from the fence? Are the posts properly aligned? Small areas of separation and minor misalignments can render your security fence useless and structurally unsafe. During your security fence inspection, take the time to touch and wiggle each post to ensure that they are properly seated in the ground and immovable.

Check the Bases

Over time, wet weather and wear and tear can lead to unstable fence bases. As part of your security fence inspection, examine the bases of every area of your fence. An uneven or unstable base is a major security flaw. Your fence could totally collapse or be easily removed without the proper base support.

Check for Rotting or Rusting

Most security fences are made from metal, but any material should be examined to make sure there is not any rotting or rusting present. Cracks, rotting, and rusting can all make your security fence useless. If you have wood, replace or repair the sections that are damaged. If you have iron or a rusted material, you might need to replace entire portions of fence.

Look for Any Seasonal Damage

Winter can be harsh on any type of security fencing, so take advantage of the nice weather to do a very thorough security fence inspection. Check for any yard debris, downed branches, or leaves that accumulated around your fence and remove them now to prevent decay.

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