Security Benefits of Stalwart Cable for Commercial Businesses and Federal Facilities

Stalwart cable is an excellent security add on for commercial businesses and federal facilities that are looking to heighten their security level on their properties. While technically considered an anti-terrorism security addition, stalwart cable has numerous applications and works to protect buildings against vehicles who are attempting to gain unpermitted entry onto a property. Stalwart cable is incredibly strong, can be housed as impasse rails, and forms an anti-ram barrier that looks like a metal split-rail fence. As an equally aesthetically appealing and strong high-security measure, stalwart cable has many security benefits. 

stalwart cable

Stalwart cable is an excellent security add on for commercial businesses and federal facilities that are looking to heighten their security level.

Stalwart Cable is Anti-Ram

Stalwart cable is considered to be an anti-terrorism installation due to the fact that it is anti-ram. The installation of stalwart cable can ensure that vehicles cannot gain entry onto your commercial or federal property, even if they ram against it. This is an excellent security measure for high-risk facilities that have the potential of being attacked by terrorist agents. 

High-Security Appearance with High-Security Benefits

Stalwart cable has a heightened high-security appearance with high-security benefits. When installing stalwart cable within impasse rails, stalwart cable has a sleek black metal appearance that looks professional and equally strong. You can also install stalwart cable with chain-link high-security fencing so that individuals cannot climb onto your commercial property. 

Bottom Line

At the bottom line, Hercules High Security can install all of your stalwart cable needs. Whether you’re a commercial business, federal facility, or government property — we can be of assistance to you. Reach out today for a consultation to discuss your high-security needs and how your property can benefit from the addition of stalwart cable.

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