Security Fence Tips

Security Fence Tips

Investing in a security fence is a great start to securing your home to give you and your family peace of mind all year round.

Safety is a huge concern when it comes to owning your own home and property. Of course, you want whatever is safest for yourself and your loved ones. If you want to protect your home and the rest of your property, it is time to get serious. Investing in a security fence is a great start to securing your home to give you and your family peace of mind all year round. Before you go buying your fence though, it is important to understand a few crucial aspects of security fences.

Do Your Homework

Before you purchase a security fence, it is important to do your research. You may or may not need a permit to install your fence depending on where you live. Check with your local building authority before you break ground to find this out. There may be height restrictions when it comes to residential fences. In most neighborhoods, fences can usually be a maximum of six feet high for your backyard and three to four feet high for the front yard. In addition to calling your local building authority, also contact your homeowners insurance provider as well. Installing a security fence may gift you with some extra benefits such as lower premiums. There are usually special conditions, so it is worth looking into.

Choosing a Fence

When you are ready to buy your fence, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the customization options that will be available to you. Remember: the most important part of your new security fence is that it is designed to keep intruders out. This should be first and foremost in your mind when making decisions; however, there are other parts of security fences that should be considered as well. Make certain that your fence is not easy to climb over. This is especially important if there are height restrictions in your area. Consider a chain link fence with a small weave; this way, would-be thieves cannot easily scale it. You could also choose to top your fence with spikes, or layer another fence in front of it. In addition to making sure no one can climb your fence, be sure to not install a security fence that would easily hide an intruder. Make sure there are spaces in the fence to keep things visible. You could even install an electric fence to further deter anyone from coming onto your property.

Choose Hercules Fence to Protect Your Property

Whether you are ready to install your new security fence or you still have some more questions, Hercules Fence is here to help. For more information, contact Hercules Fence online or give us a call at 1-800-395-9597. We service Maryland, the greater Washington Metropolitan Area, and Richmond, Virginia. We have offices in Manassas, Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia, and Maryland. For updates and to see what we are working on, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

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