How to Spot Security Gaps in Your Fencing

security gaps

Closing security gaps will minimize security risks.

Whether you are a residential or commercial property, a gap in your security fencing can be about the same as not having any security fencing at all. How can you identify security gaps in your fencing and take steps to secure them?

Rear Yard Fencing

The yard is a place that can easily have security gaps, as many owners bulk up security on the front or back of their homes and forget the rest. When designing your rear yard fencing:

  • Install fencing that is at least 5 ½ feet tall
  • Make sure the fencing is close to the ground so that nobody could crawl under it
  • Keep any horizontal bracing on the inside of the fencing and put it at a 45 degree angle whenever possible so that people cannot use it to climb out of your fence
  • Secure your fencing panels to the fence posts themselves so that they cannot be lifted out
  • Keep your fence in good repair

Front Yard Fencing

Front yard fencing does not need to be as high as back yard fencing, as you don’t want it to completely block your home. Having a fence in your front yard shows a clear boundary to potential threats and can beautifully offset your home.

The Right Gate

Picking the perfect gate is also important to your security and making your security fence work for your property. When choosing a gate, make sure that you keep the following in mind:

  • Rear yard gates need to be the same height as your fence
  • If you have a different height on your front fencing, install another appropriate-sized gate there
  • Don’t install your gate where the lower-height fence meets the higher one, as this provides burglars with an easy space to climb without worrying about the higher-height fence

Choose Hercules High Security for Your Security Fencing

Whether you need White House-level security fencing or the perfect version of a white picket fence to guard your business or residential property, trust the experts at Hercules High Security.  For more information and to learn how we can meet your custom fencing needs, contact Hercules High Security online or give us a call at 1-800-395-9597. We will ensure your investment serves your family and your business for years to come! For updates and to see projects we’re working on, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

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