Top Concerns When Considering Security Fencing For Your School

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If you’re considering security fencing for a school, there is a lot to think about to balance security and a comfortable atmosphere.

The need for better school security has become critical, and many schools are trying different kinds of security strategies to find something that can work for everyone. The thing is, schools have a very unique problem when it comes to bringing in security strategies and systems because they need to carefully balance security with privacy and peace of mind. For schools considering the addition of security fencing, there are some things to consider before moving ahead.


One of the main concerns many people have about installing security fencing at a school is the atmosphere that it could potentially create. Children go to school to discover the magic of learning, work on their social skills, and play. When they’re surrounded by a massive, intimidating fence that makes their school and playground feel more like a prison, it can create a dreary and unpleasant atmosphere that makes them dread going to school each day. If you’re going to install a security fence, it’s important to choose an option that doesn’t leave the school feeling more like a prison.

Access Control

It’s a common misconception to assume that installing security fencing will solve all of your access control problems. It’s true that a security fence is excellent for keeping unauthorized visitors off of school grounds, but there needs to be a level of balance. If the fence lacks access points, it can actually force students into dangerous situations as they need to take unusual routes to get off of school grounds and begin their journey home. It is also a serious problem if a threat happens on school grounds, and students are forced to funnel out of limited entrances that will quickly become packed with panicking bodies trying to escape. Access points need to be carefully balanced, and every gate needs to be easy to operate from the inside in order to avoid this kind of scenario.


Surveillance is key when it comes to security, so think carefully about what kind of security fence would be best for a school. Brick walls feel very safe, but they also create an oppressive atmosphere and deny visibility. With solid fencing, people can more easily threaten your school grounds from unseen areas or commit petty crimes like spraying graffiti or swiping school equipment. Having a fence with appropriate visibility allows you to keep an eye on what’s happening on the outside of the fence, and it denies potential intruders places to hide.

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