Why Welded Wire Fencing is a Top Choice for Security

why use welded wire fencing

Welded wire fencing can add strength, durability, and security to your property.

If you are preparing to install a security fence for your property, selecting welded wire fencing is an excellent choice for impenetrable safety. This fencing comes in various gauges of thickness to suit your needs and can be used for a variety of perimeter protection purposes. These versatile but durable fences can offer a significant number of advantages to any property owner looking to increase their security. Read on to learn more about what these fences bring to your security system

Incredible Stability 

Welded wire fencing is incredibly strong as it is constructed from steel, and the posts are mounted into the ground with cement. These types of fences can take an impact from a vehicle without showing much damage at all. 

Complex Construction 

The intertwining bands and bars across the wire panels make your welded wire fencing appear like a fortress around your property. The panels are hooked on a weld that does not break or crack over time when appropriately built. This complex, sturdy construction indicates that this fence is best for those looking to make a long-term investment in security fencing. 

Absorbs Impacts of Extreme Force

Welded wire fencing requires professional or well-trained personnel to install because of its complex construction. The construction must be done correctly so that the fence can absorb frontal impacts without showing signs of damage or instantly breaking. Welded wire fencing can take hits from large animals, cars, or large bodies without breaking like traditional fences might. This is very beneficial for properties or facilities that sit near roads where cars or potential intruders may try to trespass with their vehicles. 

Weather-Resistant Materials

Welded wire fencing generally lasts a long time, and part of its longevity is due to the weather-resistant materials it is built with. The stainless steel bands or rods require little maintenance once installed and do not easily rust from exposure to rain or other elements. This means that you can install your welded wire fencing and have peace of mind knowing that your fence will not require constant maintenance checks to function correctly. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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