What to Consider When Choosing a High-Security Fence System

Hercules High Security Fence System
Your security needs are unique to your property, so you should carefully consider which high-security fence system best for your facility.

High-security fences benefit various structures and grounds, from government-run facilities to commercial establishments. Many high-security fence types and applications exist. Therefore, it can be challenging to identify a system that best fits your specific setting and requirements. It’s best to understand the many factors of a high-security fence system before building a perimeter structure designed to protect people, property, and intellectual assets. Here is what to consider when choosing a high-security fence system. 

The Best Choices for High-Security Fencing

Not all security fencing types are the same. Some fencing options have a higher degree of security than others and are more suitable for jobs than others. So, when you want to strengthen high-risk targets, opt for durable and anti-climb fencing that’s hard to penetrate. You also want your high-security fence to be effective against the elements and suitable for your security needs. 

Chain-link fences are popular but aren’t always optimal for high-security applications. The following are three highly recommended choices for a high-security fence system for commercial, government, and critical infrastructure applications. 

Security Mesh Panel Fences

Mesh panel fencing goes through a process of slitting and stretching a metal sheet to the desired style. Metal panel fencing also has strands and intersecting strands called bonds forming a sharp angle to the original pane of the solid sheet, creating a unique pattern and allowing a single sheet to transform into several high-security mesh panels. These panels are optimal for ensuring critical protection in any high-security setting. 

Palisade Fences

Palisade fences consist of hot and cold rolled steel sections and vertical pales secured to horizontal rails and mounted to support posts. Sometimes palisade fencing also has pointed spikes at the top. This high-security fence system is strong, adaptable, resistant to cutting, and lacks the fold beds needed for climbing. Palisade fencing is also intimidating and a visual deterrent. 

Concrete Fences

Precast concrete walls are engineered systems best used where protection against ballistics is necessary. These walls are impossible to scale with concrete panels between drilled foundations. Concrete fences can even withstand hurricane winds while offering sound reduction. 

Security Fencing Enhancements and Automated Gates

You can also fortify these fencing systems with height specifications, lighting, and surveillance, anchored bottom rails, omitted top rails, double fencing rows, barbed wire or top, or concertina wire. In addition, many government facilities use access control systems and automated gates. Whether dealing with human or vehicular traffic, today’s gated control access systems operate through internet connections or cellular networks while leveraging key cards, pin codes, biometrics, or scanners for entry. 

Also, advanced technology enables advanced high-security features like built-in cameras for recording or capturing photos, streaming video of entry and exit points, transaction records of gate activity, video and IP intercom systems, and remote control from a web or mobile application. 

Fence Installation Considerations

While you plan to install a high-security fence system, there are some essential considerations to keep in mind. These questions below will help shape the planning and decision-making outcomes for your high-security fence system: 

  • Where does your building require visibility or essential vantage points?
  • Does the fence system have to blend in with its surroundings or have visual appeal?
  • What are the local site conditions, including wind and geotechnical influences?
  • What are the property’s scale and extent of daily traffic?
  • Do you need a crash-rated fence that resists vehicle impact? 
  • What height specifications meet your security needs? 

These are a few examples of all you must consider when choosing a high-security fence system. We hope you’ve found this information helpful and encourage you to contact us to learn more about high-security fence installation. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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