What’s the Difference Between Active and Passive Security Fencing?

passive security fencing

Active security fencing allows those who need to to access the protected area.

If you are looking at ways to boost your residential or commercial property’s security, installing security fencing is probably on the list. However, did you know that there are two different types of security fencing? Active security fencing and passive security fencing have many similarities and differences. Here are some of the main ways that the two types of security fencing might work similarly but look different.  

Active Security Fencing

Active security fencing is designed to block a path, route, or road but move when the appropriate person or vehicle approaches. Active security fencing is designed to deter unwanted guests but also let in those who are supposed to be there. Common aspects of active security fencing include:

  • Drop arm barriers that use a horizontal beam. After receiving approval from the system, the beam will swing up to allow vehicles through.
  • Retractable bollards that are ideal for infrequent use (stadiums or malls that occasionally need to let cars inside but typically leave bollards up)
  • Swing gates that are designed with a counterweight and balanced beam
  • Upswing barrier gates that are commonly found in parking lots, apartments, and traffic areas for easy and flexible traffic direction
  • Wedge barriers make a wedge and can be put up or retracted for simple protecting. They are used to prevent vehicles from driving in unpermitted areas in high security areas.

Passive Security Fencing

Passive security fencing is permanent and immovable. Instead of adjusting to every person that walks up or every car that drives by, it stays still and works by standing strong in the face of potential collisions or impacts. Common aspects of passive security fencing include:

  • Concrete walls that are designed with the proper height, thickness, and reinforcement
  • Terrain aspects like moats, ditches, or otherwise dangerous terrain elements
  • Bollards that are permanent and strong

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