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The Two Primary Types of Automatic Gate Openers

Thursday, February 13th, 2020
automatic gate openers keypad

Keypads are one variety of automatic gate openers that you can install.

Adding an automatic gate to your property is an excellent way to increase security and add some style at the same time. However, each automatic gate comes with a variety of style options, which you must consider before installation. One of the entry accessories you must decide on is the automatic gate opener. The primary types of automatic gate openers are either remote-controlled or keypad-controlled. Both styles offer different security benefits; read on to discover which option may be best for your property.  (more…)

How to Choose an Automated Gate

Friday, April 28th, 2017
choose an automated gate

The right automated security gate can go a long way.

Picking the right automated gate is critical when it comes to ensuring that your perimeter security plan is doing its job. As the experts in high security fencing, here are our favorite tips to help you choose an automated gate for your home or business. (more…)