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Enhancing Perimeter Security: The Role of Bollards

Friday, August 18th, 2023
Hercules High Security Perimeter Bollards
Perimeter security is enhanced for many facilities and industries through the use of bollards.

In an increasingly uncertain world, ensuring the safety and security of public spaces, commercial properties, and critical infrastructure has become a paramount concern. Perimeter security plays a crucial role in preventing unauthorized access, protecting assets, and maintaining order. Among the various tools and strategies employed, bollards have emerged as an effective and versatile solution for safeguarding these areas.


Bollard Materials: Pros & Cons

Friday, December 2nd, 2022
Hercules Fence High Security Bollard Materials
There are several different bollard materials to choose from, each having their own pros and cons that help determine which material is best for your property.

One of the most useful ways to help the flow of traffic, both foot and road, is to install bollards. While using bollards is an easy choice, choosing the right bollard materials isn’t always as easy. Depending on what you’re using your bollards for and whether safety or security are factors in your decision, it may dictate a limited set of materials that you can use for your bollards. 


Different Bollard Types and the Applications of Each

Friday, October 7th, 2022
Hercules Fence High Security Bollard Applications
There are several bollard applications that are appropriate for various properties with differing needs in traffic control and pedestrian safety.

Bollards are those posts often spotted in commercial environments acting in tandem as the barrier separating a storefront (or any building entrance) from its parking and/or designated vehicle traffic areas. Typically short and steady, these rails may seem a novel variety of “fencing,” owing to their component columns’ disconnection from/space between each other. Regardless, they are an extremely utile and versatile resource.

Although primarily functioning as a means of preemptive protection against the threat of suddenly-veering vehicles, bollards offer a surprisingly large range of (frequently overlapping) features to best suit your specific needs.

Follow along with the handy guide below to learn all about bollard applications and the benefits they can lend your business.


Bollards or Barriers: Which is Better?

Thursday, September 15th, 2022
Hercules Fence High Security Bollards Barriers
Bollards and barriers are both important methods of traffic control, but they serve different purposes.

When it comes to high-security options for managing traffic, there are a couple of possibilities to consider. Which you choose will ultimately depend on what you’re hoping to accomplish with your traffic security. Bollards and barriers both come with their own set of pros and cons that should be considered before you decide which will work best for your property.


How to Carefully Maintain Your Bollards

Friday, August 26th, 2022
Hercules Fence High Security Maintain Bollards
Bollards are critical for protecting your property and pedestrians, so maintain them carefully.

Bollards are the perfect solution to guard property and vulnerable spaces from everything, such as driveways, storefronts, bus gates, and town pedestrian zones. They act as a physical and visual barrier while enabling free pedestrian access. However, choosing the appropriate safety bollard isn’t the only consideration. It’s also essential to maintain your bollards to ensure they work optimally. Here are a few tips on how to carefully maintain your bollards. 


Should You Install Removable or Permanent Bollards?

Friday, January 14th, 2022
hercules high security removable or permanent bollards
Discover whether removable or permanent bollards are best for your property.

Protecting your business from danger is your number one priority, and to this purpose, even the type of bollard you choose can help tip the balance in your favor. Depending on your needs, different materials and diameters might suit you better for effective protection from vehicles and accidents. Permanent bollards offer a lasting defense, while removable bollards include a mechanism for easy installation.

Keep reading below to learn the three main factors to consider before you decide what type of bollards to install for your business or organization.


High Security, Crash-Rated Bollard Benefits

Friday, January 29th, 2021

High Security, Crash-Rated Bollard Benefits

Crash-rated bollards ensure pedestrian security. Contact Hercules High Security for more information!

The installation of high security, crash-rated bollards allows you to set boundaries around your commercial property line or parking lot that bar vehicle entrance. Our high security bollards are crash-rated and great for establishing where pedestrians are allowed and where vehicles aren’t permitted. This can increase pedestrian safety, especially on college campuses or military grounds with heavy foot traffic. Crash-rated high security bollards are also a great addition to park grounds and preserved outdoor areas where vehicles could potentially cause damage. There are numerous benefits to installing bollards, and Hercules High Security can outline them for you.


Does Your Property Need Security Bollards?

Friday, September 27th, 2019

Does Your Property Need Security Bollards?

In this week’s blog, we will discuss a few different types of property that can benefit from security bollards in different ways.

When it comes to protecting valuable assets, some properties have unique needs. In some instances, typical traffic and pedestrian access control methods like turnstiles and fences may not be enough. In the cases of banks with ATMs, gas stations, and more, security bollards are an ideal solution to protect your equipment and the valuable or hazardous materials within. In this week’s blog, we will discuss a few different types of property that can benefit from security bollards in different ways.


3 Bollard Maintenance Tips

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

bollard maintenance

Each type of security barrier has different needs, but there are a few standard bollard maintenance practices that can help ensure the health and continued performance of your bollards regardless of their composition.

Just like any other piece of security equipment, bollards require regular maintenance and inspection to continue performing as they should. This is especially true for hydraulic or retractable bollards, bollards that protect high-value targets, and bollards that are likely to be hit or scraped by vehicles. Not all bollards should be repaired the same way. Each type of security barrier has different needs, but there are a few standard bollard maintenance practices that can help ensure the health and continued performance of your bollards regardless of their composition.


What are K-Ratings for Fences?

Friday, January 16th, 2015

At Hercules High Security, we take great pride in offering our customers k-rated anti-crash fences, designed to stop even the toughest vehicles from gaining unauthorized access to your property or facility. Today, we’ll explain exactly what the k-rating system is and what it means for you.

High Security Fencing

What is a K-Rating?

A k-rating is a crash test certification, given out by the Department of state, that indicates how well a fence or other barrier will stand up to impact from a vehicle. Specifically, k-ratings are designed to provide a universal measurement system for a barrier’s effectiveness measured against vehicles of a certain weight, traveling at a specific speed. The k-rating system assumes the standard weight of a vehicle is 15,000 lbs, which is the weight of a typical semi-truck cab, and three times the weight of the average American car. In order to be certified with a specific k-rating, a fence or barrier must allow no more than 36 in of the truck bed to penetrate the barrier, when that truck is traveling at a certain speed.

  • A K4 rating means that a 15,000 lb truck, moving at 30 mph, will not penetrate the fence or barrier more than 36 inches pat the truck bed.
  • A K8 rating certifies a barrier for a vehicle moving at 40mph
  • A K12 rating certifies a barrier for a vehicle moving at 50 mph

People are often confused by the measurement of “36in past the truck bed,” assuming that if a truck can make it to the truck bed, the occupants will have gained entry into their facility. This is not the case. For a fence or barrier to achieve any k-rating, it cannot break. This means that even though a truck traveling at 50 mph could partially penetrate a K12-rated barrier or fence, to do so would completely destroy the vehicle and its occupants while leaving the barrier or fence intact.

K-rated fences and barriers are widely used in various fields, all over the world, protecting government facilities and private residences alike. The k-rating is the world standard for every known anti-terrorism crash protector made within the past 15 years, having become standardized in 2000.

Looking for K-Rated Fences and Barriers?

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