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What are K-Ratings for Fences?

Friday, January 16th, 2015

At Hercules High Security, we take great pride in offering our customers k-rated anti-crash fences, designed to stop even the toughest vehicles from gaining unauthorized access to your property or facility. Today, we’ll explain exactly what the k-rating system is and what it means for you.

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What is a K-Rating?

A k-rating is a crash test certification, given out by the Department of state, that indicates how well a fence or other barrier will stand up to impact from a vehicle. Specifically, k-ratings are designed to provide a universal measurement system for a barrier’s effectiveness measured against vehicles of a certain weight, traveling at a specific speed. The k-rating system assumes the standard weight of a vehicle is 15,000 lbs, which is the weight of a typical semi-truck cab, and three times the weight of the average American car. In order to be certified with a specific k-rating, a fence or barrier must allow no more than 36 in of the truck bed to penetrate the barrier, when that truck is traveling at a certain speed.

  • A K4 rating means that a 15,000 lb truck, moving at 30 mph, will not penetrate the fence or barrier more than 36 inches pat the truck bed.
  • A K8 rating certifies a barrier for a vehicle moving at 40mph
  • A K12 rating certifies a barrier for a vehicle moving at 50 mph

People are often confused by the measurement of “36in past the truck bed,” assuming that if a truck can make it to the truck bed, the occupants will have gained entry into their facility. This is not the case. For a fence or barrier to achieve any k-rating, it cannot break. This means that even though a truck traveling at 50 mph could partially penetrate a K12-rated barrier or fence, to do so would completely destroy the vehicle and its occupants while leaving the barrier or fence intact.

K-rated fences and barriers are widely used in various fields, all over the world, protecting government facilities and private residences alike. The k-rating is the world standard for every known anti-terrorism crash protector made within the past 15 years, having become standardized in 2000.

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