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The Benefits of Having a Round Guard Booth

Thursday, October 10th, 2019
A square security guard booth

A square guard booth can take up extra space on your facility. Try round, narrow booths for more flexibility and visibility.

Many high-security gates and entrances require security personnel to be onsite. The security personnel verifies the credentials of people trying to enter or exit, troubleshoot problems, or notify other staff when trouble occurs. For the guard’s comfort and safety, a guard booth is often required to house them while on duty. You can install a guard booth in a round or square shape. Read below to discover how opting for a round guard booth can offer you flexible security options for your protected facility.  (more…)

Security Guard Booths: Who Needs Them?

Friday, January 15th, 2016
Guard Booth

Security guard booths increase your perimeter, and allow guards to monitor foot and vehicular traffic closely.

A guard booth is a security measure put in place for high security monitoring of a perimeter, manned by a guard. The guards manning the booth are usually responsible for monitoring all incoming and outcoming traffic – sometimes checking identification and doing vehicle searches in order to deem someone approved to gain access to the property. The openings require a good amount of electrical equipment to operate the various access systems, and adequate shelter is required to keep those components and the guards safe.