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Why You Should Consider High Security Turnstiles for Your Property

Friday, September 10th, 2021
security turnstiles hercules high security

Hercules High Security offers versatile protection options for your commercial or residential properties.

If you are looking to toughen up your fencing, consider high security turnstiles at your entry points. They will save you money and discourage burglary.  (more…)

Top Three Reasons to Install Turnstile Gates at Your Commercial Business

Thursday, May 6th, 2021
turnstile gates

A turnstile gate installation can help with attendance tracking.

Commercial business owners know that a turnstile gate installation is a functional, high-security measure that can help enhance security and serve as a form of accurate attendance tracking. While a physical security presence is necessary at any commercial business that is looking to amplify their security measures, the installation of a turnstile gate can serve as an automatic record for the entrance and exit of building occupants. At Hercules High Security, we can help commercial business owners understand the top three reasons to install turnstile gates within their venue.


5 Undeniable Benefits of Turnstile Gates

Thursday, June 25th, 2020
benefits of turnstile gates for security

Learn how turnstile gates can help increase security and improve access control.

Every business needs a reliable security system to protect their assets, their employees, and guests. It is crucial not to overlook physical security at every entrance and exit, as access control is essential for maintaining business security. However, hiring security personnel to guard every entrance can become expensive and makes your security system prone to human error. For an efficient and economical alternative, try turnstile gates for your entrance security. These security features come with several significant benefits, which we explain below.  (more…)

The 5 Best Security Benefits of Turnstile Gates

Thursday, January 9th, 2020
subway turnstile gates

Turnstile gates offer increased security benefits when compared to traditional security personnel.

No matter the size of your business or facility, you will need a robust security system to protect your assets and your staff. While you necessarily protect your business’s computer system, you must equally shield all entrance and exit points from unapproved entrances. Hiring security personnel for every door may not be financially or practically feasible for your facility, but there is an efficient and economical alternative. Turnstile gates offer reliable access control, ease of use, and flexibility that make them an excellent choice for facility security. Read on to learn more about the security benefits that turnstile gates can offer your business.  (more…)

Types of High Security Turnstiles

Thursday, June 27th, 2019
high security turnstile

There are several types of these turnstiles available, so here’s our helpful guide to the types of high security turnstiles.

When it comes to properly securing and protecting your property, it’s essential to think about access control in addition to fences and anti-climbing measures. Security goes beyond perimeter protection: it’s also important to be able to control and remain aware of anyone who enters the property. For some types of facilities, access control can mean gates, identification cards, or even high security turnstiles. Turnstiles make an excellent security and access control solution because they can take the pressure off of security staff and integrate seamlessly with other access control measures, such as ID scanning. There are several types of these turnstiles available, so here’s our helpful guide to the types of high security turnstiles.