Top Three Reasons to Install Turnstile Gates at Your Commercial Business

turnstile gates

A turnstile gate installation can help with attendance tracking.

Commercial business owners know that a turnstile gate installation is a functional, high-security measure that can help enhance security and serve as a form of accurate attendance tracking. While a physical security presence is necessary at any commercial business that is looking to amplify their security measures, the installation of a turnstile gate can serve as an automatic record for the entrance and exit of building occupants. At Hercules High Security, we can help commercial business owners understand the top three reasons to install turnstile gates within their venue.

Turnstile Gates: Attendance Tracking of Building Occupants

Turnstile gates are a great form of access control within a commercial building. Since turnstile gates self-verify the credentials of any individual entering or exiting through them, they can create an accurate attendance and exit log of each unique individual. The perk of a manual attendance system provided within a turnstile gate? There’s no need for a receptionist and your security guards can focus on their security duties that matter the most. 

Increase Your Security Measures

A major plus of a turnstile gate is that only individuals with permitted credentials are able to obtain entry through a turnstile gate. To gain entry into a turnstile gate, you must either provide a card which will allow entry or enter a unique code. Once entered, the turnstile gate will open up to allow entry. For individuals without permitted entry, they will remain locked behind the turnstile gate. Full-height turnstile gates are also available to prevent individuals from jumping lower turnstile gates.

Lower Costs Spent on Security Guards on an Annual Basis

Instead of having to assign a security guard to all entrances, you can rely on turnstile gates as a form of crowd control and a security measure to prevent unauthorized entry. This means that you can spend less money on security guards in places within your commercial building where they aren’t needed. 

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