Best Climbing Plants to Have to Prevent Fence Hopping

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Fences are always the best way to keep out trespassers, but it might be good to have more security. A climbing plant is a great option.

Sometimes, an anti-climbing fence might not deter those who will put in the extra effort to climb it.  Fences are always the best way to keep out trespassers, but it might be good to have more security.  A climbing plant is a great option.  By planting one, you can let it grow over your fence, which will help keep away those who want to do harm to your property.  But what kinds of plants are good for this?  Read on to find out.

California Blackberry


These vines bear both fruit and danger to anyone who approaches them.  If not pruned properly, these can leave a bit of a mess; but they’re well worth it.  California Blackberry vines are climbing and have densely packed thorns, which are impossible to avoid.  Not only will the person climbing be covered in blackberry juice, they’ll also have some nasty cuts on their hands that will prevent them from going any further.  Think of it as a way to look for evidence, while also deterring anyone who can’t be bothered to use thick gloves.


American Pillar


Not only do these have beautiful flowering roses, but they are also especially prickly.  The vines are thin, so they won’t hold much weight.  The thorns, however, are very sturdy.  They have plenty of branches that will create a thick wall of tiny weapons.  Look into this plant if you want something pretty but deadly.


Danse de Feu


These are your typical clusters of red roses.  They’re used a lot in European countries (like France, hence its name) and grow well against stone.  But they can also grow along fence posts.  While the thorns are a little sparse, they pack a big punch.  Plus, the flowers look absolutely beautiful and stark against black metal.  They aren’t fragrant, so you won’t be attracting any animals, either.  Purely aesthetically pleasing, but also very functional.


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