Do you need Anti-Ram Cable for your Facility?


There are a lot of options for security fences that are very difficult or nearly impossible to climb over. However, in situations where the highest level of security is required, climbing is not the only issue which needs to be taken into consideration. Fences also need to be secured against a possible breach by a vehicle. This issue can be resolved by installing concrete walls or a heavy metal fence, but this is often a very expensive and unnecessary choice. Thankfully, anti-ram cables can effectively and economically protect your fence against possible vehicle breach.

Anti-ram cable

A fence that seems secure could be vulnerable to vehicle


When to Consider Anti-Ram Cables

A facility requires different levels of precautions depending on its location, circumstances, and level of security. Anti-ram cables are most important in high security facilities such as prisons and military compounds where a breach in the perimeter would be especially problematic. Also, if a security fence is adjacent to a road, anti-ram cables can protect not only from a possible vehicle attack, but also from a traffic accidents which may otherwise damage your barrier and compromise your security.

Optimizing High Security with K Ratings

Depending on your needs, anti-ram cables can be installed on their own or combined with other security barriers. The strength of an anti-ram cable is measured like a fence using the K Rating system so that you can customize your purchase to the level of security that your facility requires. K Ratings are a system which indicates how much force a barrier can withstand from a vehicle impact. The ratings are K4, K8, and K12, which correspond the barrier being able to withstand a 15000 lbs vehicle traveling at 30mph, 40mph, and 50 mph respectively. To learn more about the importance of K-Ratings, you can check out one of our other blogs. Also, make sure that any anti-ram cables or any other security barrier you purchase meets Department of Defense and Department of State security standards.

Looking for Anti-ram Cable or another Security Barriers?

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