High Security Disaster: A Breach in Your Fence

If you've got a breach in your high security fence then you need answers fast!

If you’ve got a breach in your high security fence then you need answers fast!

If you are operating a high security facility, then you probably already have an excellent fencing solution to keep your grounds safe. But what can you do when things fall apart? What if an animal damages the fence? What if a car rams into the side of the fence and you didn’t invest in bollards or other security measures? What can you do until the professionals arrive and get that fence either repaired or replaced?

Prevention is the best medicine

Prevention and preparation is truly the best possible way to deal with a potential crisis. So, if you have a lot of vehicle traffic around your fence then you need to go ahead and invest in some bollards so that you can keep your fence safe. All of our bollards are crash tested and ready to take a beating so that your lovely fence doesn’t have to. It’s much easier to replace a bollard or two rather than a whole fence or a section of a fence. If you need to move through the area where these bollards could be placed, you can always place them on a hydraulic lift so that you can manipulate when they rise out of the ground. Another preventative measure you can invest in is a metal detector so that cars don’t accidentally back into the fence.

Once a crisis occurs

Once your fence in damaged you should call us right away so that we can come fix it as soon as possible. We know how important the security of your facility is to you, so we’re ready to take on the job. But what can you do before we fix it? There are a few things you can do that may provide a quick fix. You can try renting a temporary fence to put in the way of the breach. It won’t be the security you are used to, but it will be better than nothing. You could also post a guard near the breach if the situation calls for it.

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