How to Secure Your Garden Trellis

metal garden trellis

A garden trellis will add height, beauty and growth to your garden or yard.

If you have just obtained a new garden trellis, you may be looking for ways to ensure its security.  A garden trellis will add height, beauty and growth to your garden or yard.  It can also provide stability for vines and taller plants without having to install distracting metal wires.  Your garden trellis also requires that extra anchor; make sure you’re caring for it, and follow these steps to secure it.

  1. Choose your permanent location.


You won’t want to move the trellis after your flora has started to cover it.  Focus on placing the trellis in direct sunlight, and then decide whether you want it to be against a wall or free-standing.  This will make a difference with how you’re going to secure it.


  1. Consider the length of your trellis.


A free-standing trellis will need to be rooted in the ground about two feet deep to ensure it won’t be unstable.  So, if you’re looking for a walk-through trellis, ensure your trellis is tall enough to be secured.  Remember–you can also have the trellis placed in pots as an aesthetic choice, but you’ll need to have it closer to a wall where you can add extra support.


  1. Place your trellis.


Do this using a hammer, or by digging a hole first and repacking the soil around the trellis.  You may need to dig a hole if the soil around the trellis is too firm.  Packing the soil tighter is going to make your trellis more secure.  If you’re using a hammer, make sure you mark on the trellis how far you want it to be secured, so you know when to stop.  Use a level to adjust the trellis until it sits straight.


  1. Secure your trellis to the wall.


If you placed your trellis closer to a standing support, you can attach the trellis by very simple means.  Screwing hooks into the wall is an idea.  You could also add metal U hooks, and install them over the trellis support.  Consider your location–if your area is prone to wind and storms, add extra support so your trellis can’t fall over.


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