Security in a Hurry? Chain-link Fencing to the Rescue!

Chain-link is one of the most common fencing materials around, used everywhere from swimming pools to military bases. Chain fencing provides a combination of economy and security that other fencing materials cannot match. In this blog, we will discuss the some of the advantages of chain-link fencing.

Chain-link fence

Chain-link fencing provide fast security

Speed, Economy, and Security

To start with, chain-link is one of the most affordable fencing materials around, and is far cheaper than other kinds of security fence such as iron bar or welded wire. Another advantage is that chain-link fences can be installed and taken down very quickly. This makes chain fence an excellent choice for temporary security such as building sites and is why it almost universally used in temporary fencing. Chain fences can be very versatile and customizable for whatever level of security is desired. For low-security boundaries in parks or when the fence is used primarily to indicate a boundary, a medium or short fence will usually suffice. When more security is desired, a taller fence with a few rows of slanted barbed wire will deter most intruders. In a situation where maximum security is required, a twenty-foot-high double fence topped with razor wire ribbon creates a practically insurmountable barrier.

Simple maintenance

Chain-link fencing is made of galvanized steel and should require almost no upkeep. A good quality fence should resist rusting and be very difficult to damage. If an area of the fence is damaged, either by excessive wear and tear or by vandalism, single sections of the fence can be easily removed and replaced. Chain fencing requires no paint, and can be easily washed if it becomes covered in grime.

Does your facility need chain-link fencing?

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