What Does it Mean to Build a CFATS Fence?

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Hercules offers CFATS fence services for high-risk chemical facilities. But what does that actually mean? What constitutes a high-risk chemical?

Hercules offers CFATS fence services for high-risk chemical facilities.  But what does that actually mean?  What constitutes a high-risk chemical?  These are all questions you may want to ask us.  Government regulations can be difficult to follow; fencing, especially, requires a lot of knowledge of regulation and rules.  If done incorrectly, or not done at all, security fencing could draw the attention of authorities and result in huge fines.  Read on to learn more about CFATS fence.

What is it?

CFATS stands for Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.  These standards, enforced by the Department of Homeland Security, are required for facilities that carry one or more chemicals of interest.  The full list of these chemicals is extensive; thus, the process to be approved can be tedious.  The DHS must approve every plan proposed by these facilities.


Does My Facility Need it?

Not many facilities actually need  a CFATS fence, but those who do require one immediately.  Running your facility without following CFATS regulations is a dangerous game, and letting anyone into the building who doesn’t belong there can result in serious trouble.  And that’s not just legal trouble–imagine your chemicals falling into the wrong hands!


How do I Report an Infraction?

The DHS has a hotline you can call in order to report a CFATS violation.  Employees and contractors at the facility you report can’t be held accountable for the violation, so don’t let the fear of incorrectly blaming others stop you from protecting a facility.  Saving lives is far more important than someone losing their job.


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