Anti-Climb Fence Best Practices

anti-climb fence

Here are three anti-climb fence tips to help keep your property safe and secure.

If you have decided to get an anti-climb fence for your home or business, you have already taken a big first step to superior perimeter protection. Anti-climb fences are specially designed to use one of a few different methods to keep trespassers from scaling your fence. While anti-climb fences can do a great job of deterring intruders, there are a few best practices that can ensure peak performance and protection from your fence. Here are three anti-climb fence tips to help keep your property safe and secure.

  • Secure Gates and Continuous Perimeter

Anti-climb fences are a useful tool, but all of the deterrents in the world will not work if there are weak spots in your perimeter. Make sure that you have secure gates with similar anti-climb measures at every entrance point along your fence. The perimeter of your property should have a continuous line of fencing and gates to keep people out. If an intruder can get around your fence by walking, you have an ineffective security fence. Trespassers may not be deterred by anti-climb measures alone if your property houses valuable assets. Be sure to pick a durable material that cannot be cut using bolt cutters. If criminals cannot climb or cut your fence, they may try to go under it. Ask your local security fence professionals about additional anchoring for the posts of your fence.

  • Minimize Hiding Places, Maximize Visibility

While privacy fences have their benefits, you may want to consider choosing a fence with greater visibility if you are trying to make the most of your anti-climb fence. See-through fences like those made of metal mesh, iron, and other materials deter trespassers by depriving them of a place to hide. See-through fences also allow security cameras and guards to more effectively observe the area and watch for suspicious activity.

  • Height

While it may sound like common sense, having adequate fence height can sometimes be overlooked by new fence owners. Anti-climb measures are great on their own, but for an anti-climb fence to truly deter intruders, your fence should be very tall. The taller a fence is, the more effort is required to get over it. This is especially true for anti-climb fences. Be sure to check any HOA or local building regulations, as some restrictions for fence size may apply.

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