What are the Benefits of Impasse Fencing?

Hercules Fence High Security Impasse Fencing
Impasse fencing offers superior protection for your property with options that can elevate both security and aesthetics.

There are several types of high-security fences available, but impasse fencing is one of the best. These are made of strong galvanized steel and can be significantly taller than many other security fence options. They’re not just a powerhouse due to durability and height, though. Impasse fencing has many benefits that make it one of the premiere choices for high-security fencing.

Variable Options

One of the best aspects of impasse fencing is that it can be tailored to your needs. For something more intimidating and more secure than standard fencing, impasse offers the gauntlet option with pales that are curved outward at the top, making them almost impossible to climb over and greatly reducing the threat of trespassers. It can also be installed with the fencing between masonry columns, providing exceptional security and aesthetics for your property.

Variable design is great, but an impasse fence can also house conduit, IDS, and CCTV cables which allows it to easily integrate with other security features. This helps to create a more efficient and secure design.


Impasse fencing can be built in compliance with any level of k-rating, from k-4 to k-12. For security that is just right for your property, you can choose to forego a crash rating and get standard impasse fencing. For tighter security, especially when it comes to at-risk facilities, you can choose the crash rating that best suits the needs of your property to keep it protected at all times from many different threats.

Uneven Ground Installation

Impasse fencing can be racked on uneven terrain, which prevents gaps underneath the fence. Some fences cannot be racked, and need to be stepped on uneven terrain—this can create large gaps at the base of the fence, compromising the security it is meant to provide. For this reason, only certain types of fencing are appropriate for high-security fencing, and impasse fencing is one of the best options available.

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